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Instruction Manual
Sept 1 Turn on the power and select the hose you need to process.
Sept 2 According to size of hoses , you can choose the power output which shows on the digital display.

Thin Wall:
6# choose 300; 8# choose 325 ;10# choose 350;12# choose 375

Thick Wall:
6# choose 325; 8# choose 350 ; 10# choose 375

Step 3: Press the foot switch, it will clamp the hose automatically. When it cannot be pressed, it will stop by itself. Release the pedal clamp to release automatically, and then take out the pressed hose.

Notice 1. The power supply with touch protection is connected. Turn off the power immediately after the use.
2. Do not lay the machine upside down. Be careful not to pinch your hands
3. After the use, cover the mold partly, to prevent foreign objects from falling into.
4. Electrical parts need to be waterproof, oil-proof and drop-proof.
5. Any questions please contact the aftersales of the manufacturer. Do not open without permission.
6. Free warranty for 12 months. Does not include abnormal use and man-made damage, unauthorized disassembly.