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Compressor Type: Electric vehicle scroll DC compressor Motor Type: Brushless DC Motor Voltage Level: DC12V/24V Rated Current: 50A+-2/ 30A+-2 Rated Speed: 2000rpm/ 2600rmp Motor Rated Power: 6000w/ 720W Displacement: 25cc Common Speed Range: 1800rmp-3000rmp Condensation Temperature Range: 35-450C Warm Air Power: 200-900W Refrigerant Leakage: <14g/a Cooling Capacity: 1.68KW/ 2.3KW Energy Efficiency Ratio EER: 2.8 Noise: <70db/ 75db Shock: <8.0mm/s Insulation Resistor: >50MΩ Internal Impurity Content of the whole unit: <80g Remaining Moisture Content of the whole unit: <500mg Evaporation Temperature Range: 1-150C Protection Level: IP67 Refrigerant: R134a Lubricating Oil/Oil Volume: POE-68/100ml Total Mass (oily): 6KG Installation Method: Connection Board Connection Suction Pipe Interface Inner Diameter: ¢18.3mm Exhaust Pipe Interface Inner Diameter : ¢15.5mm